Whipple Ranch
Elementary School
1350 N. Central Ave., Show Low, AZ


Want to get in on all the action? Then join our Parent Teacher Service Organization (PTSO). Your child will love seeing you on campus and volunteering at fun events, and you’ll love watching your child grow and interact with his/her peers.

What We Do

Our PTSO raises funds to cover expenses not included in the regular school budget including field trips, classroom supplies, student rewards, teacher appreciation events, playground equipment, and activities that enrich the educational experience.

We Need You

You can never go wrong when you get involved in the education of your child. We’re all about the kids and supporting the people who spend the most time with them outside of our home—the wonderful Whipple Ranch staff members. So come on and dive right in; we value your opinion and your contribution no matter how you choose to serve. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of our PTSO, please contact any of our office personnel at (928) 537.6051.

PTSO Officers

President: Desirae Wopschall
Vice President: Katelyn McKenzie
Secretary: Courtnie Angell
Treasurer: Ashlee Kay